There is one thing I’ve always wanted. A RESET button. And when you think of it, who doesn’t want it right? A chance to redo everything right, to do it better. A fantasy. I recently got a chance to hit that button real hard. I had that opportunity, to undo everything, or at least leave […]

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Sun to the South

For they’ll be our Baboons.
As I saw them float,
Floated they to South.
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“Look up. Look at that piece of rock; humble, mighty and beautiful. I’m talking about my beloved Moon. I’m a star gazer, and out of the hundreds of stars visible, I still love looking at the Moon. Somehow it has this amazing magical power to transfix you, the amazing power that withholds you from looking […]

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Dear Becca and Jack


Saying ‘I do’ means saying ‘I will’. I will love you today and everyday, for the rest of my life. I’ve been trying to focus on all of the little moments that I don’t wanna forget. But the moment that is burned into my brain and heart is the first time I saw you.

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See the thing is that for a set of points, only when the point of reference is constant and fixed, only then you can be definite about the locus of the points. Same applies to us, if our point of reference doesn’t remain constant and unchanging with time, this may not be a straight line, […]

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