It’s peculiar, ain’t it? That we make our past, yet we don’t get to choose it. Advertisements

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How certain

Oh you face of change, how Uncanny you look. Oh you face of uncertainty, how certain you look; Of  what’s to come. With open arms, With shy words, With withered heart. I look, look at you Hiding behind you is something. Something; shining bright. To fill me, make me. Renew me, and fulfill me.

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That, my friend

It will whisper, it will confront, it will nourish, That my friend, is love. It will be ambiguous, It will be exhilarating, It will be jealous, That my friend, isn’t love. It will be always present, Through thick and thin, Through broad and narrow. Because that’s what love is. Not just between man and a […]

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That tiny man

When you feel every beat of your heart. And, as if your heart is drowning in the pain, every beat gives out ache. Every beat makes your tummy go upside done. And the funniest thing, you have no idea why. Then, look. Look within. I know you may feel that it’s totally out of nowhere, […]

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Million more

Hold on,  To that last strand.  To that last strand of hope.  To that last strand of life.  To that last strand of sanity.  Because they can last a whole life,  And a million more. 

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I always wondered that in older times, why did people say, “What’s your poison?”. And today, I found the answer. Every person has his own poison, a notion he feeds himself real slow, a notion that’s slowly killing him yet is also keeping him alive. A notion he can’t let go, because the pain it […]

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