Million more

Hold on,  To that last strand.  To that last strand of hope.  To that last strand of life.  To that last strand of sanity.  Because they can last a whole life,  And a million more. 

Brain Error 404

It has been nearly four years since I started studying psychology. And one of the most fascinating activities is what I call BRAIN ERROR 404.  This happens when a life event, "a memory" is so traumatic and damaging that your brain literally decides to hide it from you, encrypt it; in essence delete it.  Now, … Continue reading Brain Error 404


Ever had those persisting thoughts or feeling that just won't leave you? It keeps on bugging you day and night; you get rid of it but it does (and will)  come back to you? It has actually a very simple (well, not that simple) and permanent solution... (Continue reading)

Striped down

Ain't religion a set of facts and ideas you chose to believe, patriotism your commitment to one chunk of land and people there? They are just ideas and determination! But deep inside aren't we all same? Then why does a set of ideas one chose to believe makes that person worthy of harassment?