7 ways to love an introvert

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Million more

Hold on,  To that last strand.  To that last strand of hope.  To that last strand of life.  To that last strand of sanity.  Because they can last a whole life,  And a million more. 

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Brain Error 404

It has been nearly four years since I started looking into psychology. And one of the most fascinating activities is what I call BRAIN ERROR 404. This happens when a life event, “a memory” is so traumatic and damaging that your brain literally decides to hide it from you, encrypt it; in essence delete it. […]

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Ever had those persisting thoughts or feeling that just won’t leave you? It keeps on bugging you day and night; you get rid of it but it does (and will) ┬ácome back to you? It has actually a very simple (well, not that simple) and permanent solution… (Continue reading)

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Listening ear

This blog is about some things to be a good listener. Being a great listener doesn’t just mean being silent and to listen, it’s a bit more complex than that. See, when you start listening to someone, you actually chose to be an unbiased opinion of their own, you step down into their shoes and […]

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The Society

Before I start explaining these latest disturbing insights I had about society and its psychology , let me update you with basic facts so that you may know to what context am I speaking. (I’ll try to keep it short) This all started in 2014, that’s when India was hyped because they saw their new […]

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