Million more

Hold on,  To that last strand.  To that last strand of hope.  To that last strand of life.  To that last strand of sanity.  Because they can last a whole life,  And a million more. 

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I dont wanna face anything. I want to run away from everything, run a mile. Then sit down and listen to music, so loud that ear start bleeding. I wanna run away from everything.  It’s not because I’m afraid of facing things, it’s just that I’m tired, tired of shitty people, shitty situations. 

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You know, truth in never unexplainable. What I mean is that, if  you can’t explain something to someone in simple language then it’s probably neither the right way nor the truth. 

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The last strand

​Faith, hope and love. We(the general society)  started losing faith in 20th century, love in dawn of 21st century, now the only thing what holds us as sane beings anymore is hope, I hope we don’t lose that too. 

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Hide my bleeding heart in your heart’s ashes. 

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From all the drawbacks, pains, difficulties and failures, extract and remember the lessons, not the emotions.

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