The very foundation of democratic Justice is doubt. The word “doubt” was derived from Latin “dubius” roughly meaning “two”, which gives a deeper insight to the word “doubt”, as when you are in doubt, there are always two sides involved, you are confused between two instances, thus “two”. Which seeps into modern justice system as […]

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The girl asked, “Why is the madman digging?” I answered, “Once a man told him, there is a gem, deep in the ground. A gem, of special” “What special?”, she asked again. “Of special power. To grant a man’s will to forget his past; to forget the witch, lest he be climbing again”. The girl […]

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It’s peculiar, ain’t it? That we make our past, yet we don’t get to choose it.

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There is one thing I’ve always wanted. A RESET button. And when you think of it, who doesn’t want it right? A chance to redo everything right, to do it better. A fantasy. I recently got a chance to hit that button real hard. I had that opportunity, to undo everything, or at least leave […]

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