That tiny man

When you feel every beat of your heart. And, as if your heart is drowning in the pain, every beat gives out ache. Every beat makes your tummy go upside done. And the funniest thing, you have no idea why.

Then, look. Look within. I know you may feel that it’s totally out of nowhere, but I assure you, there is something that happened, something completely normal but it just pushed you to edge, over the edge. And now you are tumbling down the hill. When that happens, find that damn reason.

It might not have even happened the same day, it might have happened weeks ago. But like Lazarus, he was sleeping too, but eventually came back. Eventually.

And when you find that reason. Become the Gulliver, pick that reason, that tiny man, Na! Don’t crush him. Instead, make peace with him. Understand his existence, pick him up and make him sit on your shoulder. Because this journey will be long and he has to teach you a lot. Afterall, love your enemies, right?


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