Dear Extroverts,

Let me tell you something, let me tell you a secret. Let me tell that how are Introverts so content.

When life hits you hard, let it be a break up, someone’s departure or anything, don’t try to suppress it and be normal and joyous again. That’s foolishness, that’s naive. No, instead breathe it in, let it fill your lungs and then your blood, let it fill you with its gloominess. It’s not depressing, in fact; it’s nourishing. It might be a life time offer, so don’t let it go, cherish it, as we do.

Being sad opens your brain to more. So, be sad, don’t be ashamed of it, because you have earned the right to it. And when you have done that, you’ll be more happy and very much alive. So once in your whole life, listen to yourself and live with your own existence.

-Concerned Introvert


2 thoughts on “Letter

  1. I’ve shared this story with several friends how painful and dreaded I was when my mother passed away in October, 2010. I was shocked because she was healthy and only 56 when she died. She was my beacon of light and a father figure in my entire life. She didn’t approve my love and the 4 years prior to her passing were the most difficult days of my life. I couldn’t confront her and convince her to marry the girl of my choice. I was losing her every day since 2006. But when it actually happened, I was devastated. I was left alone, my family didn’t know what we were going through. I miss her every day, I wish she was with me when I faced so many hardships and struggles in the last 5 years. However, her passing away never made me give up in life. I only gathered strength every time I think of her and it made me a happier person overall!


    1. So sorry to hear about that.
      But, everything happens for a reason (I’m a religious person, so in that context). It was a sad period of life, but what happened; happened, we can’t change it. What matters now is how you cherish her memories and lead a wonderful and inspiring life, now matter in how little steps.

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