The corner

At last Amos found the inspiration he needed for his art project, this inspiration was his newborn girl’s light blue eyes. His baby was gorgeous; silky long hairs and big blue eyes with those wide smile were just hypnotizing, she was just a wonder. So Amos worked and worked on his project, day and night, weeks went by and he spent all his time and efforts just to make this one perfect.

After 63 weeks, he was finally satisfied with what he had made, it was an abstract painting, with the most basic and brightest colours in the perfect amount and harmony with each other, it was indeed a masterpiece. But there was one catch, to truly understand the canvas one will have to step into his mind, stare at his art, submerge one in it, then only will one appreciate it.

So next day he packed it nicely and went to his art gallery with his wife Emma and beautiful Sarah. Upon arriving he saw curator talking to customers. After they were gone, he slowly approached, “James, this is the project I was working on, here ” giving the canvas to him, and continued, “this one goes to the corner, and find the most unattractive frame for this one and write nothing below this”. James was surprised,”I’m sure you know that no one pays attention to paintings in corner, it’s just basic instinct for them, that’s why we always keep corners free”. “I know”, replied Amos, he simply smiled and walked away.

Emma followed his track and lightly whispered, “I don’t know about James but I know how much have you done for this particular project, what’s with this corner and frame thing?”. He replied, “You see, people buy art for two reasons, first is because of the appeal or the brand value you could say, they don’t actually understand it, they have just heard and read about it a lot, so they feel that it’s a masterpiece. That’s what’s with Mona Lisa, half of its admirer don’t even know why is it loved so much. And then comes second reason “. Slightly shifting his weight he continued,” Second reason is that that a person can actually connect with the art, can actually be in artist’s thoughts, see the world the way this he does, even if it’s for a short time. Paintings aren’t famous for their strokes or brilliant use of colours, but for that colorful and vivid thoughts and sights of the artist. That’s why I want my art in the corner, with no external appeal, just the beauty of the art itself”. “What if no one even looks at it?”. “I’ll be fine with it, I only want that person to have it who actually appreciates it, else I’ll always be happy to hold unto it”. After a few minutes of silence, he picked up his bag and said, “let’s leave?”. “Yea, sure.”


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