As I always do, before starting, let me cover the basic need-to-know stories or myths. 

  This is a popular belief (in a lot of cultures at least) that when people die and unfortunately had some work left or had some unfulfilled wish; their spirit stays on earth till the work is done or wish is completed; that’s when it achieves it’s peace or something (I hate this baseless myth though). 

Ever had those persisting thoughts or feeling that just won’t leave you? It keeps on bugging you day and night; you get rid of it but it does (and will)  come back to you? It has actually a very simple (well, not that simple) and permanent solution. You need to think of these extra stress causing thoughts as ghosts, byproduct of a bygone disaster, and before they could find what they were looking for, you killed the whole thought process to escape from that unpleasant feeling(of embarrassment or guilt or sadness). But, that thought was yet to find some answers, prove or acknowledge some facts, so it turns into a ghost. Mr. Turner (ghost here) usually keeps aside but when people don’t look into his needs or he goes restless, me makes sure that whole society is restless. So, to bring an end to these never ending series of whirlpools, all one has to do is to let him make his point, let all of those thoughts and feelings come to you, they are there to make a point, make you acknowledge something, something you were overlooking for such a long time. Accept your byproducts, embrace the facts and then let them go, move on. And yes, from my own personal experience ; these are usually more blue than all of your previous experiences, but the silver line is that you bring an end to it, you release it in the air, you pop the balloon. 

Though it varies that what were they there to make you realize, it may vary from making you clear about someone or making you gulp down some changes or maybe even to recognize their own existence. 

P. S. I purposefully left gaps in meaning and sentences to make you think and realize it. Hope it helps you.  🙂 


One thought on “Ghosts

  1. Hey!
    OK,I liked you use the term ghost.

    But one thing is for sure,is that it is not
    Easy to kill the thought.. It is just repeating the memory that you have gathered!! We are trapped into it because we feel that what we are thinking is important..

    If we realised that what we are referring as the “Ghost”, is just a past memory,recycling it over and over again! Then these ghosts will never exist!!


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