Striped down

I’ll explain to you where did this all start.

India and Pakistan have always been fighting for a long long time, actually right from their separation. I don’t know about Pakistan but in India right now situations have come to a stage where to a large number of people; a Pakistani is actually equal to terrorist and should be killed or atleast to be stayed away from them. A similar thing has begun within the country, India, a county I was proud for its diversity, where people are so different that when they come together the scene is so beautiful that you left in awe and awww, we don’t even have a common language but still will put ourself out of comfort so that our neighbour could be in comfort. But, slowly the brotherhood is falling apart, and what’s taking them apart is religion, language and ideology, and they are so apart that they literally hate each other, to the core, they call names, give out threats and etc.

A man loves another man only one he has something common with the other, some sense of attachment or the other person is in utter need or in death life situation, that’s one a lot of people hear something cracking within and they jump out to help.
Ain’t religion a set of facts and ideas you chose to believe, patriotism your commitment to one chunk of land and people there? Then how can ideas and determination be the reason for constant harassment? When did ideas start to cloud our eyes and judgement? If they are the clothes we wear then what is a human being stripped down? A person with open eyes, open mind, clear conscience and a pure heart. Striped does to his original form, striped down to his actual glory striped down to gain some clothes.


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