Listening ear

This blog is about some things to be a good listener.

Being a great listener doesn’t just mean being silent and to listen, it’s a bit more complex than that. See, when you start listening to someone, you actually chose to be an unbiased opinion of their own, you step down into their shoes and re-live those moments, just without any perceptions, prejudice and emotions the speaker might have developed during this episode. When you chose to listen to someone, you chose to be an invisible arm around them, consoling them, and even understanding some things they didn’t say and never will. Because the things that can’t be spoken; hold those precious details, feelings and decisions more than that can be. And always keep in mind one thing, your intuitive can always be wrong, so always keep your current opinion in doubt and keep floating those unlimited crazy yet possible “hypothesis“, or in other words, DON’T JUDGE BUD!


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