The Society

Before I start explaining these latest disturbing insights I had about society and its psychology , let me update you with basic facts so that you may know to what context am I speaking.
(I’ll try to keep it short)

This all started in 2014, that’s when India was hyped because they saw their new Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) as a new hope for development which India desperately needed. Being a multi party system, India still has only two major political parties, Congress and BJP (now ruling). Out of total 69 years of democracy and freedom, Congress ruled the country for 49 years, so yes, Congress was a major party, and as history taught us, everyone except God if remains in power for long gets drunk in it. So Congress became proud and slowly a lot of scams and corruption surfaced, people lost hope in them and wanted a change, wanted someone determined. That is when suddenly the whole country took notice of chief minster of a model state Gujarat, Narendra Modi (now Prime Minister). In 2014 he was elected the Prime Minister of the country with majority (majority is a big deal in India). Now, Congress was know for scams and corruption yet people knew that there was a bit peace when Congress ruled, and BJP was always accused of being religiously biased and to promote Hindutva across the country (this statement has never been proved, it’s just “what people say”). So, after 2014 elections, country was divided into three kind of people’s.

1. Who are blind supports of Modi Government.
2. Who blindly accuse and abuse Modi government.
3. Rationals.

So, I think I gave you a brief intro and all you need to know for know.
On Facebook I have been following a Facebook page (let’s call this page James blog for now) for years for reasons I don’t know, and he hated Modi Government to his core. So when Modi Government decided to scrap high value noted in order to flush out black money and counterfeit money, all of the social network broke lose, criticising or supporting this move. James blog also started criticising the move, expressing how people faced difficulties. Now everyone knew how he hated the current government yet I was pretty shocked to see the same set of people verbally abusing him and and his blog in every single post that how he was a anti-national guy, some of the less abusive statement were that is he hated the government so much then he should leave the country and find his long lost dad in Pakistan (first point, Pakistan is considered the greatest enemy my most of the Indians, second, I think being against your government and against your nation are two different things, aren’t they?). Anyways, coming back to the topic, it was funny, you see, these set of people knew James blog will always contain similar things and they always abuse him, yet they never unfollowed him, they kept looking at his posts and abusing more and more, they could have blocked him or unfollowed him long time ago, but they didn’t, you know why?

First let me give you a superficial insight, these set of people weren’t Modi Government’s supports, no, instead they hated those who didn’t had like thinking like them or who supported Congress. Both these points may seem same but they aren’t, here an example to explain that in a different way. In Electronics, there are two logics, logic 1 or logic 0. To find the logic you can chose two methods, either check if it’s 0 or not, or check if it’s 1 or not, get my point?
Now, what I concluded (I had to skip some steps to keep this blog short), this society has reached a stage where it doesn’t look to happiness, it doesn’t want to look at the brighter side, the good side of everything, instead they wanna look at the faults, they want fights, display of anger, gore (that’s why you put some violence and gore in your movies and they appeal to audience more). Either its a one or zero, but the modern society doesn’t wanna look if it’s a one, instead they fight that they see that it’s not a zero. The modern society doesn’t want to support anyone instead they want to abuse and curse others, and that is the reality.

The anger, desperation, vulnerability and unrest in hearts is clear, and I might know why.


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