Sometimes I think of life as music, having majors, minors, beats.

And sometimes I wish I become a minor note and just slowly, slowly, fade away. I wish it so strongly, I don’t see the purpose of staying in this world, seems pretty vague. What’s the purpose? Go through everything and one day dissolve in the dirt? Go back to the dirt you were made out of? Happiness is a paradox, isn’t it? You can never have it, not in this human form! But there is pain to complement the happiness, which moves it from plausibility to reality. Sometimes I wish I just fade away,be the minor note I always was, I want it so badly. But it’s not my decision to take.

I’m a musician and one thing it taught me, if you don’t wanna exist, don’t wanna see the composition, fine at least be a minor and compliment the major notes. Happiness might be a paradox to you, but isn’t to others, specially the person who came begging to me whose thumbs were rotting away. If life has taught you a lot, don’t shut up and just fade away, be the ambient background, be that soft beat which actually is the backbone of the whole structure but is invisible to others, but not the One.

Don’t fade away, be there, for others, for the common good, be the one for the One. Be the help he could never have, be the help that couldn’t reach him. Be the broken vessel, a useful one, one that might come handy to a tramp, and one day you might get lucky and the Potter may pick you up and rebuild you. Live for others. Love for others. Hope for others. Pray for others. Teach, observe, look up smile and dissolve. Know that you did what you could, you didn’t give up, no, you were broken down to rise again, but in time.
Be There.
Patience ✌


2 thoughts on “Radian

  1. The way your blogs carry away the reader gentally it does make u feel good … and yes I believe crying on the minuses of your life wont be additive to anything but the evergrowing negativity … but we all know (-)×(-)=(+) … so blend ur minus into someone else’s minus ..and let the positive come out … this is what I learnt a time ago but it emerges after reading this … gr8 words


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