Morning I was in college, sitting beneath a tree waiting for lectures and seeing people go by. Then a thought crossed my mind that how blind we are, all we see is flesh walking by, we see their present and judge them be their actions, seems pretty legit, right? Yea, judge them by their actions! But what we don’t see is their past walking alongside, we are too ignorant, too judgemental to see that. I’ll not talk about you, I’ll talk about myself, when I’m among friends I see a few, cracking “weird” jokes, not socialising, laughing hysterically, introverts, skeptics but during this judging and proving myself better (being narcissistic) I blind myself to their past, their pain, humiliation, lessons learned the hard way, abuses in their childhood, and in some cases sexual abuses, things that scar you for your whole life not just physically but mentally too. I feel guilty of being such a stupidhead, when my haughtiness was at its full, of being such a obnoxious person, actually in this manner we all are obnoxious. So before judging someone, think through.

P. S. I never intended to say that pain is a bad thing, it’s like friction, a necessary evil. You need to learn and grow wise but you still will avoid the pain 😄


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