Moment of epiphany

this article is specially hand-crafted for the old schools, talking about what went wrong in this particular generation gap.

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When you close your eyes and lay your head down on the grills of the window of the train, and you feel the cold wind whistling through your hairs. The breeze making your cheeks ice cold, sunlight peeping through your eyelids and suddenly you open your eyes and rediscover the unexplainable beauty of physical death […]

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It’s peculiar, ain’t it? That we make our past, yet we don’t get to choose it.

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How certain

Oh you face of change, how Uncanny you look. Oh you face of uncertainty, how certain you look; Of  what’s to come. With open arms, With shy words, With withered heart. I look, look at you Hiding behind you is something. Something; shining bright. To fill me, make me. Renew me, and fulfill me.

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Put up

“Did you hear?” she screamed while slamming the door; discretion was never her thing. “Hear what?” I replied, almost under my breath. “That old Chinese man down at the store downstairs…” she raises her eyebrows waiting for me to complete her sentence. “What about him?” “He had a heart attack last night, and didn’t make […]

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